Bible Glo

October 21, 2009

Yesterday  I got a copy of a new bible software called Glo. You can check it out at

The reason I rushed out of my office and drove 30 minutes to immediately buy this software was because of it’s amazing user interface. The way the Bible is laid out visual seemed very compelling to me. The Youtube video at the end of this post will show you what I mean. The layout is amazing, with the Word, theological topics, time lines, graphics, and videos all linked together to make study easier. From what I saw in the video, I was certain that I would be amazed by the software.

There are a few things that I did not like about it, however. Installation was a NIGHTMARE. The autolaunch installer did not work, and I got an error message the first 7 times I tried to install it. I had to explore the files on the DVD and try .exe after .exe until one of them would let me install it. The rest of the process was acceptable, taking just around 2 hours to install. Considering it is 18gb of content, that’s an acceptable amount of time. Once installed though, it puts one link to the program on the desktop, and nothing in the start menu. This is highly annoying since I don’t use the desktop, and prefer programs in the start menu. After launching the program, I experienced the amazing user interface, but even on a machine with pretty decent specs (I do AfterEffects production on this machine), it was slow and glitchy. This software would best be run on a BRAND new computer with more than the hardware requirements listed on the box.

While it may have not been a great experience at first, I think that there is a lot of potential with this software. Once the reading plan is implemented (which, by the way, was promised in the video) is added to the software in November, it will be that much more useful. I think that this could be a good tool for bible study, and I am anticipating the Mac version next year.

[11-16-2009 Update]: I have to admit, with all of the excitement that I had about the release of this software, I have yet to use it since the first day after installing it. I think it may be for some people, but it just didn’t excite me past the first few moments.