The Buzzing!!

January 9, 2010

So I have been fighting a pretty massive infection in my ears. I normally struggle with Tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in my ears. This ear infection has made that much, much worse. Normally, I am able to deal with it, and can drown it out, but at this new increased volume, it is nearly impossible to escape it.

Ever since I became affected by this condition, I have longed for the day when I can truly experience silence. I know that will be on the day that I meet my savior and no longer have to hear the buzzing. I have always just assumed that this is something that I would have to deal with. I realized tonight, however, that I am not trusting God. God made my ears, He knows how they work, and He is more than able to heal me of the ringing.

So now, and for as long as it takes, I am praying for healing. I am praying that God will take this away and let me truly know what silence is like. I know that he has the power to heal me, and I trust that if it is His plan, He can remove this from me.

I am asking anyone who reads this if they would give a quick prayer to God on my behalf. Thank you, God Bless!


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