In defense of Church Media

October 21, 2009

Sometimes I think that church media can be concentrated on the wrong things. Some churches add flashy lights and over-the-top media for the wrong reasons. Whenever I work on a media element, I try to make it to the best of my abilities, but I am trying to keep in mind my audience and their well being over everything else. There is a place and a time for flashy stuff, and that is during a performance. Church is not a performance. Church media should reflect the message above all else, not the cool effects and techniques that were used. I really liked this quote from Dave Harris, a media guy from Southeast Christian:

I think media is one of the most powerful tools we have, but only if we use it intentionally. The idea of wowing a student with a fancy moving light or an HD projector doesn’t accomplish anything to grow them in their faith. We use the tools of media to tell a story or create an environment for students to learn the truth of the Bible in an engaging way. Students generally have short attention spans as is, so we need to make sure we never create a distraction, but use media to create focus.

Media should be used to support and enhance the message that is being presented. Sometimes I have placed my attention a little too much on the whiz bang. I hope that no one ever walks out the doors of Antioch thinking about how “good” anything on the screen is. I hope that they leave motivated and touched by the words that were spoken. If I can support that, then I have done my job.


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